As the wide availability of properties online makes choosing difficult, luxury hotel brands can stand out from the pack with thoughtful guided selling tools. User reviews, navigation filters, sorting options, and user-generated content are all helpful in helping consumers narrow down property choices. And guided selling tactics that blend content and personalization facilitate destination discovery, exploration and decision-making. L2’s Insight Report on Guided Selling Tactics of Luxury Hotels finds that interactive search result maps are the most popular form of guided selling tools, as they help consumers narrow down their choices at a glance. Virtual property tours are second in line.


There is an opportunity for more sophisticated guides, as the Hotel category lags in this aspect. For example, property comparison by features is a useful tool employed by just 16% of brands in L2’s Luxury Hotels Index. And quizzes designed to find the best property that fits the consumer’s need – often used in the Beauty category – are scarce. Joie de Vivre is one of the exceptions, employing a simple, easy-to-follow quiz on its site. The quiz is prominently featured in the “Explore” section and properties are suggested based on preferred activities, location, and traveler profiles.

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