Search rank is the new shelf space as major grocery and CPG retailers expand online. Independent and conglomerate brands alike are fighting for premium spots in search results on sites like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Costco. This interactive – based on L2’s analysis of 116 Beverage brands – shows how brands are investing in their search position on online retailers. A few interesting observations:

Starbucks holds the top rank in the big four: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco. Competition on these retailers is almost impossible for independent coffee brands.

Red Bull and Monster have each focused on a single mainstream retailer. Red Bull holds the top search position among energy drinks on Walmart and Monster has the same dominance on Target.

Nutritional shake brands are competing head-to-head for a top spot on Target. EAS, Ensure and Muscle Milk are all close in rank on the retailer. See full interactive here.

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