nike (1)Facebook acquired activity tracker app Moves this week, just a few days after Nike laid off engineers in its Fuel Band division. As of now, Facebook plans to let Moves exist as a standalone app. Moves is available on the iPhone and Android, and tracks more than 60 activities (including motor-powered ones) using just smartphone censors.


L2’s Digital IQ Index: Sportswear featured activity-tracking apps made by sportswear brands Under Amour, Adidas, and Nike. Many included gamification to motivate users to exercise, and most required external devices such as wristbands. In addition to Fuel Band, Nike has a Nike Move app that turns the iPhone into an activity-tracking device, which seems to be the direction wearable tech is headed. On a similar note, L2 Founder Scott Galloway said on Bloomberg TV that the iPhone is the perfect fitness-tracking device, and all wearables are extra weight unless they are branded luxury items users want to adorn themselves with.

Nike denies rumors that it is exiting the hardware portion of  fitness tracking tracking, but Facebook’s purchase of Moves and other signs point to a device-free future for the industry.

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