New York Fashion Week is here and brands are competing for attention by multiplying their social media activity. But do all those backstage sneak peaks and runway recaps work? L2’s Intelligence Report on Social Platforms finds evidence that frequent posts around significant industry events (Fashion Week, Super Bowl, Back to School, Holidays) do in fact boost a brand’s overall social audience. This graph shows monthly YouTube posts of Auto, Grocery, Fashion and Beauty brands. Beauty is the only category with an “always-on” strategy that entails a consistent number of posts throughout the year, without any industry events as a hook. Beauty brands perform worse on YouTube than all of the mentioned categories.

SOCIAL-01 (1)

Instagram accounts especially benefit from a boost in followers during Fashion Week, with the average fashion brand adding 71,000 new followers. Versace, Michael Kors, Dior, and Dolce & Gabbana stood out with the highest spikes in followers during the New York, London, Milan and Paris events.

SOCIAL-04 (1)Dolce & Gabbana had the second-highest audience growth in that time period with 387,000 new followers, trailing only Nike. Kendall Jenner, who sat at the front and center of the Spring/Summer 2015 show, is responsible for a large portion of those follows. Her repost of the runway finale from @dolcegabbana received 318,000 likes.

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