They say it weighs even closer to nothing than the last one. They say its  iSight camera is better than any smartphone’s and the new Samsung Retina™ display has a million more pixels than your HD flatscreen TV. They say it will break first-day sales records. They also say you might have to wait a couple of weeks if you order online–but hey, it’s worth it, this is the greatest iPad ever created.


In anticipation of the big launch tomorrow, here are some of our favorite Tweets from today:


Via @TaskRabbit: Get your #iPad3 tomorrow without the hassle. Hire a TaskRabbit to wait in line for you. Ready? Post a task…

Via @BorowitzReport: Cheaper than an iPad 3: at the end of emails, type” Sent from my iPad 3.”

Via @Mashable: What does the iPad line look like in your city?

Via @JohnJanuzzi: I’d rather not. RT @RackedNY New iPad launches tomorrow. Meet the people who’ve been in line since Monday.

Via @Jamie_Adenuga: To new iPad or not. That is the question.

Via @asymco: RT @tobycoulstock Random data point for you: over 40,000 iPads being delivered in Perth Western Australia today. That’s 2.35% of the population.

Via @mattbuchanan: so the people protesting for ethically produced iPads are organizing their campaign with ethically produced Dell laptops and phones, right?


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