With advancements in accelerated mobile pages and instant articles, mobile web is more important than ever. And while most consumers may be excited about screen size and camera improvements of the anticipated iPhone release, marketing and media folks look forward to software updates and tech advancements they can take advantage of.

In the financial services sector, where over 51% of millennials are receptive to non-traditional banking services, mobile innovation has been a hot-button issue, from commercial banks to P2P payment platforms.

The app market abounds with personal finance apps—both independent and from major commercial banks—that provide users with free credit scores, money management tips, and a unified view of their account balances and expenses.

MoneyLion recently announced the launch of an augmented reality tool called Grow Your Stack that enables users to visualize their projected account balance as stacks of cash by imposing a computer-generated image over a customer’s real-world environment.

While personal finance apps flood the market, leveraging technology for differentiation may prove to be a winning strategy to drive adoption among novelty-seeking millennials. For more insights about how both fintech upstarts and legacy financial service brands are faring in the App Store, see L2’s Financial Services US: App Store Optimization report.

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