Amid soaring demand for wholesome foods, even supermarket mainstays are trying to acquire a more natural aura. A month after Gatorade launched an organic version, Jello-O has undergone a similar rebranding. The new Jell-O Simply Good line boasts no artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives – although, like organic Gatorade, the snack still contains copious amounts of sugar. Marketing head Nicole Kulwicki told USA Today that the concept emerged from focus groups with 11- and 12-year-olds in which the young consumers expressed concern about artificial ingredients.

Organic food sales in the U.S. soared 11% last year, while broader food sales grew only 3%. The fastest-growing brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index:Food – KIND, Chobani, Wonderful, and Clif Bar – have marketing that promotes a healthy lifestyle. KIND has more than doubled its sales each year for the past five years, despite a widely publicized controversy over whether the products could actually be labeled as healthy.


Like those brands, Jell-O is using digital to cultivate a more wholesome image, encouraging families to share “unfiltered moments” on social media with the hashtag #delightfullyhonest. However, gaining visibility could present a major challenge. The brand has weak presence across all the major social platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest – as well as on Amazon and Walmart, according to L2’s study. Jell-O might look healthier, but will consumers actually notice?

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