Authorized retailers are a key sales point for Watches & Jewelry brands, but relationships with them can make things complicated when brands want to launch their own online boutiques. However, a few brands have figured out how to create partner programs, allowing them to trade on their own consumer recognition while benefiting from the customer service advantages of local retailers.

Forevermark launched an e-commerce program last year that lets local retailers gain full returns on profit margins, even without direct interaction during a transaction. Buyers can choose whether to have their purchases shipped directly to them or pick them up at an authorized dealer.


For brands not fully committed to e-commerce, partnering with an established retailer can be a good way to generate additional brand exposure. When Zenith partnered with Mr. Porter, the retailer’s website had 14 times more unique visitors than that of the watchmaker. But as a result of the partnership, year-over-year traffic to quadrupled, according to L2’s e-commerce report.


Similarly, Chanel began wading into e-commerce by selling jewelry in partnership with Net-A-Porter. Without having to build infrastructure for fulfillment, the brand could focus on its strength: appealing to consumers.


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