The majority of Watches & Jewelry brands have a singular global Instagram account, but a select few have invested in country-specific content. L2’s 2017 Watches & Jewelry study takes a look at brands that have invested in localized content and weighs its effectiveness.

Watches & Jewelry brands exhibit different levels of localization: 72% have one global account, 4% have 10 or more regional accounts, and others have adopted a hybrid strategy. For example, IWC maintains two global accounts (one reserved exclusively for influencer content) in addition to 14 regional accounts.

IWC leverages its local accounts by posting content from local influencers and promoting local events. For example, it published a series of short films about Paris created by Parisian influencers on its French account. IWC’s multiple accounts allow the brand to post region-specific content without compromising its overall brand. However, this approach is effective only if brands have the resources to develop enough content to consistently update all of the accounts. Brands with limited resources and multiple Instagram handles can suffer from low follower counts (their audience is divided among multiple accounts) and limited engagement as post frequency drops.

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