Snapchat takeovers, in which a sponsored celebrity or influencer produces content for a brand Snapchat account, is one of the latest trends in social media. But does this strategy lead to a tangible rise in views? Joe Fresh, who launched its Snapchat account with a takeover by Miranda Kerr last month (March 2), found that on average 70% of new followers viewed each snap. The social team at Joe Fresh said the goal was to attract and engage younger consumers with content that is more unfiltered and immediate than other channels. Timing was right for partnering with Kerr, since she had just starred in the brand’s campaign.


Other brands have taken different strategies with Snapchat. Featured in L2’s Specialty Retail report, Michael Kors debuted on Snapchat in February, giving fans a front row view of New York Fashion Week. And in late February, Sephora launched its first Snapchat Sweepstakes. Fans were invited to to take a selfie, then draw eyebrows on it with Snapchat’s new drawing tools. They were instructed to upload screenshots of their Snapchat posts to Instagram and tag with #SephoraSnapsSweeps. On March 2, one of the participants was randomly selected to win a $500 gift card.

Snapchat is such a new platform that posting on it has been likened to marketing in the dark, but metrics seem to be emerging. And while likes, comments, and shares are not part of the engagement, fans are showing interest in viewing brand content.


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