Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.54.57 PMOur inaugural Digital IQ Index: Personal Care China report showcased Johnson’s Baby’s digital efforts as a Flash of Genius in digital strategy. In 2012, the brand launched a New Mothers community, which provided childcare information and support to new mothers. New Moms’ first campaign “Pump it Forward” highlighted the need for private spaces for working mothers to pump breast milk. In addition to posting movie videos, Johnson’s Baby distributed “Temporary Nursing Room” stickers on Sina Weibo and provided an interactive map for users to find breast-feeding locations.

It was a success; Johnson’s Baby’s Sina Weibo community grew 700%. Unicef Ambassador and talk show host Yang Lan and several mainstream media outlets reported on “Pump it Forward.” Building off that momentum, Johnson’s Baby created a “Baby Skin Secrets Unfold” tab on its Sina Weibo page shortly after, featuring videos of mothers and grandmothers debating baby care practices, information from pediatricians, and links to Johnson’s products on Tmall. The tab generated more than 186,000 discussions.

This year’s Johnson’s Baby Sina Weibo campaign, “the Irreplaceable Moment”, asked parents to share photos of their babies. More than 4,000 photos were entered and the tag #theIrreplaceableMoment received 44,000 mentions.

The “Pump it Forward” campaign tapped into a community need, breastfeeding space. Its success, and that of subsequent ones, shows how effective such an approach can be.

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