Increasing the quantity of product reviews is one of the main components of a sound Amazon strategy. Products with reviews have 12.5% higher conversion rate than ones without, and reviews influence 90% of purchases. Additionally, a high quantity of reviews positively affects Amazon’s search algorithm. Scoring high in that algorithm greatly improves brand visibility, and is the equivalent of owning premium shelf space a the grocery store.

CPG brands are on a head start, as personal care brands have the highest number of reviews per listing. L2’s Amazon Insight Report: CPG found that 64% of home care and personal care brand listings are populated with reviews. But even in the CPG space, a few brands shined. On an enterprise level, Johnson & Johnson had the most products with 100+ reviews as well as the least products with less than 25 reviews.


On a brand level, P&G-owned Crest had the most reviews, with 249 at the time of the study. Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies followed closely with 227.


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