With more than 429 million YouTube views, close to 45 million Facebook fans, 24 million (and counting) Twitter followers, and millions more who buy his music and array of endorsed merchandise, Justin Bieber is both a pop culture phenomenon and a retailer’s dream. He’s also the only celebrity whose fragrance earned a spot in our new Digital IQ Index: Fragrance study’s Top 10. When it was announced last May that the then 17-year-old would be teaming with Give Back Brands to front a new fragrance, nobody in the industry (or any industry) was surprised. Even when it was clarified that the new scent would be a perfume, not a cologne, given Bieber’s nearly entirely all-female fan base, that too, didn’t raise eyebrows. After all, in 2010, he’d already proven his pull in the beauty vertical with a Wal-Mart-only unisex fragrance My World and a nail polish line, which sold more than one million units in the collection’s first two months on the market. Women’s perfume, it seemed, was a natural next step.


Bieber’s first real entry into the fragrance world came last June with the launch of Someday. Its success — a 2012 FiFi award and $3M in sales in just three weeks, a new record — secured a follow-up, Boyfriend, which hit stores a couple of weeks ago to similar mania.



It’s a well-known story that Bieber got his start via YouTube, so it makes good sense that the young star would be strong at leveraging this digital platform to his advantage (on Facebook, too, where the singer boasts the biggest following of any brand in our study as well as one of the highest fan-engagement rates). Bieber’s official “Someday” commercial, having accrued more than 2.8M views in 13 months, is a perfect example of his digital dominance. Of all the YouTube videos assessed in our study, “Someday” ranked a close second for total views behind Paco Rabanne’s “Black XS Off Shows,” featuring the popular UK band Kaiser Chiefs. Where Bieber bested Paco Rabbane, however, was in percentage of total channel views–54 percent to 51 percent. The only brand to surpass the Biebs in this metric was Axe, whose “El Ultimo AXE” commercial (with half as many views as “Someday”) represents an impressive 79 percent of the brand’s total channel views.


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