If your brand website doesn’t get much traffic, you might want to hire Justin Timberlake. That proved to be a winning strategy for Sauza: after Timberlake spearheaded the brand’s #NoLimesNeeded campaign, visitors to the Sauza 901 tequila website surged from 140 to 34,905 in one month. The singer and actor also dressed up as a lime in a promotional video for the spirit, which amassed more than eight million views across social platforms.

Few of Sauza’s competitors have seen such success from celebrity partnerships. L2’s Insight Report finds that most Spirits makers fail to make effective use of brand ambassadors, hindering their social media efforts. Timberlake’s partnership with the brand represents a case study in effective engagement.

Timberlake actively promotes Sauza 901 on his personal social media accounts, exponentially broadening the reach of the brand, which he also co-owns. One National Tequila Day tweet that mentioned both the brand and the #NoLimesNeeded campaign received over 6,000 interactions. In contrast, the brand’s average tweet gets less than 100 interactions.

Justin Timberlake ad

However, Timberlake is an exception. Of the 54 Spirits brand ambassadors examined in the L2 study, 20% failed to mention the brand on social media even once. Even more damagingly, 10% of brand ambassadors completely lacked a social media presence.

Spirits Brand Ambassadors: Average Community Size and Multiplier, by Social Platform

The study suggests that Spirits brands should dramatically rethink how they select ambassadors. As promotional campaigns shift from traditional media to digital platforms, picking a spokesperson willing and able to leverage their personal social media following might be more important than choosing someone with universal name recognition.


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