Kate Spade partnered with Anna Kendrick in November 2014 to release the first episode of the #MisAdventure campaign. The videos have gathered more than 4.6 million views on YouTube and 200,000 likes on Facebook to date, bolstered by Kendrick’s notoriety and YouTube advertising. However, a look at the brand’s YouTube history shows the high view count is a recent phenomenon, and Kate Spade was able to boost viewership from past videos with a new, more aggressive promotion strategy.


Not only did the number of daily unique visitors to KateSpade.com remain below 200,000 (even with the spike from the release of the first episode of #MissAdventure), site visits began to decline shortly after the release of each episode in the series. On YouTube the first episode generated 367,000 views, of which 42% were paid.

specialty-retail-2015-missadventure-episode1-views-per-day-on-youtubeHowever, Kate Spade was able to boost site visits and YouTube views for all episodes with a paid campaign promoting just the new ones. Ninety-three percent of views for the third episode resulted from a paid campaign, which generated retroactive interest in the previous episodes. Overall, the campaign lifted site traffic 350% year-on-year during the critical holiday period of November.


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