Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.36.21 AMEven though 75% of consumers are aware of Wearables, just 2% own a device. That hasn’t stopped brands from looking for ways to capitalize on the platform. Early adopter Kenneth Cole launched the “Man Up for Mankind” campaign on Google Glass in honor of its Mankind fragrance. Building on the perception of all Google Glass owners as Glassholes, the brand asked for 21 kind deeds in 21 days in exchange for a chance to receive one of four Mankind Toolkits valued at $1,000.


Those who entered would receive the daily challenges in their inbox. A few challenges were buying a stranger coffee, giving up a seat on a train, buying a homeless person lunch and writing a thank you letter to a service worker. Participants were required to capture their posts via Glass and share with #ManUpForMankind. Those who completed the series were given multiple-choice questions to mark their evolution based on their responses.


It seems counterintuitive to invest in a campaign targeting such a small segment of the population. As of March, 10,000 to 20,000 Google Glass “explorers” had access to the $1,500 glasses. But Kenneth Cole’s campaign drums up publicity among non-wearable tech users as well, capturing their interest with an innovative idea and playing on their perception of Google Glass users.

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