kenzoFashion brand Kenzo launched a digital pop-up store in Paris on Friday showcasing its No Fish No Nothing clothing line. The 11 rue Debeylleme space is a virtual aquarium with a digital screen showcasing items for sale: sweatshirts, tank tops, a wallet, a backpack, and a crop top. Customers can purchase by tapping on the screen, and for every purchase, Kenzo will add a virtual fish to the installation. Visitors can also Instagram a photo of the store tagged #NoFishNoNothing to add a fish with their name. The hashtag has gathered more than 275 posts since the store opening.


The pop-up store will remain till March 27th, and proceeds will support ocean conservancy organization Blue Marine Foundation.


Kenzo is generating publicity by moving the spotlight away from itself and to a cause its customers are interested in. The rue Debeylleme store is an extension of Kenzo’s stance against over-fishing, shown with several recipes for making sustainable fish on its blog Kenzine.


Also employing such a strategy is Patagonia, whose plea to consumers to buy fewer Patagonia items has led to an increase in sales. The brand launched an unconventional Black Friday campaign (featured as a Flash of Genius in our Digital IQ Index: Sportswear) in 2013, asking consumers to stay at home as opposed to offering discounts. Promoting a cause can be effective as long as it is consistent with the overall brand image, as sustainability is with Patagonia. Perhaps Kenzo’s will be just as effective.

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