As laundry care brands continue to peddle their wares on Amazon, Gartner L2’s Amazon Performance Rank Q1: Laundry Care identified the winners and losers among them. Category stalwart Procter & Gamble took three of the top five spots in the ranking, highlighting portfolio brands’ effective defense against conquesting and advanced bundle building opportunities on the platform.

Looking at Amazon’s search results for unbranded laundry terms, the portfolios of Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Clorox account for 44% of the Sponsored Products that appear in the top three positions, led by Tide at 17%. Procter & Gamble brands alone account for nearly a third of those items, making clear that the enterprise is succeeding at promoting its products to potentially undecided customers. Brands tracked in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care that invested in Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads saw their ranking score increase in Q1.

The laundry care category is especially saturated with brand conquesting, as only 38% of Headline Search Ads placed by brands appear against their own branded terms, compared to 57% in Paper Products. Despite this dynamic, Tide rises above competitive spend to maintain visibility and encourage bundle building across complementary products. Nearly two-thirds of Headline Ads appearing against Tide’s branded terms are owned by Tide.

Tide also places an outsized proportion of headline ads against P&G portfolio brand terms, capturing 23% of Headline Ads against Bounce branded terms and 39% of headline ads against Downy branded terms. This helps to drive exposure across synergistic portfolio brands, ensuring visibility to laundry-minded consumers.

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