If you’ve so far resisted the temptation to look up your Klout score, now is definitely the time to stop being so modest. Nobody else has to know if you’re a sad 8, a respectable 58 or a Lady Gaga-level 92 on the social media influencer scale. No matter where you fall, thanks to a new partnership between Gilt Groupe and Klout we can all have nice things — at a discount, no less! Starting tomorrow, those whose Klout scores fall between 1 and 20 can login to their Gilt account (if you don’t have one yet, go here) and automatically enjoy a 20 percent discount, for an up-to-$50 savings. On Wednesday, the next group (21-40) is eligible for a 40 percent discount. Each day thereafter through March 10th, the rewards increase proportionately with one’s Facebook/Twitter savviness score, all the way up to a full 100 percent “gift” for the likes of President Obama (91), Rihanna (96) and Justin Bieber (100).


In addition to Gilt’s regular merchandise edit, shoppers will also have access to 36-hour mini boutiques assembled by influencers from varying fields. Neither company is divulging who these influencers are or what kind of special items may be up for sale, but we’re hoping hard for at least a couple of non-obvious picks. And maybe¬†Daphne Guinness, too.


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