While Kylie Cosmetics’ success certainly has something to do with its famous founder Kylie Jenner and her family, L2 research finds that fame alone did not propel the brand to become one a best-selling beauty product. The company is especially adept in digital search: it is one of the top 10 brands in share of organic and paid search results during the 2016 holiday season (November 20 – December 2), and the only brand to have achieved that status 100% organically.

L2 research takes a look at how such a new brand was able to soar. The brand’s search position accelerated in November faster than any other brand, at a rate of 4%, and did so by optimizing keywords for holiday cosmetic searches. Kylie Cosmetics dominated results for Holiday Cosmetics by marketing it collections as holiday “boxes” and “bundles” and promoting a “Holiday Edition” giveaway. The brand also garnered press attention for those collections to ensure it was featured in search results it did not own.

Kylie Cosmetics recycled this tactic as Valentine’s Day was approaching, dominating “Valentines Cosmetics” searches with posts and SEO tags that promoted the Valentine’s Collection and limited edition smaller sized products made especially for the holiday. As a result, 77% of organic first page search results for Valentines Cosmetics led to www.kyliecosmetics.com.

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