Every time we release a new Digital IQ Index report, a new brand earns bragging rights for the year. In our most recent rankings, the top performers — all earning “Genius” IQs — are Wired (magazines), Victoria’s Secret (fragrance) and Macy’s (Facebook). With L2’s rigorous methodology, to earn a top ranking, or even a Top 10 ranking, requires that a brand not just do one thing well but really demonstrates across-the-board digital achievement, scoring high marks for its site, digital marketing, social media and mobile efforts. Of all the brands whose digital strategies we’ve analyzed over the past three years, few have performed as consistently and outstandingly as Sephora. In the past year alone, Sephora has placed in the Top 4 brands four times, never earning less than a “Gifted” IQ score: Specialty Retail 2011 (4th place – Gifted), Mobile 2012 (1st place – Genius), Brazil Russia India 2012 (2nd place – Genius), and Facebook 2012 (2nd place – Genius). Sephora is, quite simply, one of the best digital performers in the retail space. They experiment, they execute, and they really think about, and cater to, their consumers.


For these reasons, we are proud and very excited to team up with the beauty retailer for a talk, “Social Shopping: The Future of Retail,” at next year’s SXSW Interactive. As the name implies, the focus of our session will be on social platforms and their role in the future of digital commerce — essentially, we’ll explore the “next big digital thing(s)” that will make shopping easier and more satisfying for more people. L2’s Head of Research and Advisory, Maureen Mullen, will join Sephora’s SVP of Digital, Julie Bornstein, for a forward-thinking presentation that covers both the big picture (Where are the biggest opportunities for social shopping?) and the practical (Which retail sectors are more predisposed to succeed with social shopping, and why?).


Please vote for our panel today through August 31st, and hopefully, we’ll see you in Austin next March!


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