Today is an exciting day at L2, because it marks the release of the first installment in the L2 Collective, our newest suite of research reports. Similar to our Digital IQ Index and Prestige 100® studies, the L2 Collective assesses luxury brands’ performance across several defined areas. Unlike those reports, however, the L2 Collective does not include rankings or even mention brands — all of which voluntarily participated in the study — by name. By gathering closely-guarded internal data from some of the luxury industry’s most prestigious (and most private) brands, L2 Collective reports offer insight into the state of organizational structures, compensation levels, even supporting resources.


U.S. E-commerce is the focus of this first report. Because the vast majority of luxury brands (even the “digital laggards”) have by this point established departments, staff and resources dedicated to the now $250 billion e-commerce enterprise, U.S. E-commerce was a natural starting point for analysis. As an example of the kind of data included in the report, the charts above, excerpted from the study, look at whether luxury brands manage display media and site development internally or outsource to an external vendor. Even without identifying which brands or how much money is allocated, one can see a clear trend: brands with higher E-commerce sales are more likely to manage these functions in-house.


Each individual L2 Collective report is designed to help luxury brands better understand the internal resources that support their overall digital strategies. While these reports will only be available to those L2 members that participated in them, anyone interested in reading selected findings can download an excerpt. The first, for L2 Collective: U.S. E-Commerce 2012, can be found here. The second of these reports, L2 Collective: Social Media 2012, will begin data collection next month and see its release in September. If you are an L2 member and would like your brand to be included in this next survey, please contact us for details.


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