carousel (4)As the year comes to a close, L2 shares an interactive page on this year’s accomplishments and endeavors. L2 now tracks 73,317 URLs daily (up from 44,893 in January) and 3290 brands (up from 2,423 in January). Intelligence Reports were the most popular studies, in order of InstagramOmnichannel RetailSocial PlatformsMobile & TabletContent & Commerce. L2 produced 56 reports, 156 videos (21 hours and 16 terabytes shot), and 677 blog posts. Add to that 28 events in New York, eight in London and Paris each, three in San Francisco, seven in Geneva, two in Singapore, one in Hong Kong and one in Sao Paolo.

Also notable is a list of L2 Founder Scott Galloway’s most popular catch phrases: “sputnik moment”, “punching above weight class”, “the most powerful platform in the world”, “pimple on the retail elephant” and the “great white shark of retail.” See full page for how many miles L2 co-founder Maureen Mullen traveled, most popular blog posts, and the exponential growth of the database size.

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