Tablets2013_blogNext time you’re on the subway or waiting in an airport terminal, take notice of how many people (even small children!) are swiping and tapping away on tablets. It’s been just three years since Apple released the first iPad, and in that short space, tablets have gone from popular among some to absolutely essential and as everyday a device as a laptop or mobile phone. Today, 25 percent of the U.S. population and 50 percent of affluents ($150K+ households) own a tablet. On average, users spend approximately two hours per day on them, with the vast majority of that time during our coveted “free hours” between 5 and 11pm. In our new Intelligence Report: Tablets, “The New Purchase Path: Swipe, Tap, Own,” released yesterday, we revealed another striking truth about Tablets’ rise: they are fast-becoming retail’s most influential platform, surpassing smartphones in both driving traffic to retail sites and completed conversions.




Above, you’ll find a comprehensive infographic from the report that highlights additional tablet data (click for greater detail) pertaining to everything from tablet multitasking to a detailed statistical profile of the typical tablet owner. Click here to download an excerpt of “The New Purchase Path: Swipe, Tap, Own” and here to watch our animated video on the topic.


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