Earlier this month, L2 founder Scott Galloway introduced and moderated a discussion at the 2013 DLDWomen conference in Munich called, “A True Romance—Digital & Luxury.” Joined by Dana Gers, SVP of Global Communications at Jimmy Choo, and Susan Gilchrist, the Group Chief Executive at Brunswick Group (many of whose clients include global fashion and luxury brands), the 30-minute conversation touched on all aspects of the evolving relationship between luxury and digital: trends in ad spend, the importance of connecting on- and offline properties, the roles that emerging markets, millennials, and personalization all play, and, as Gilchrist put it, the notion that “technology is redefining luxury.”

Part of a conference focused on “womenomics,” Galloway focused a significant portion of his introduction speaking to the contributions of great female entrepreneurs and executives past and present and how they helped make the beauty, fashion and luxury industries the enormously successful enterprises they are today. Below, you’ll find the full talk, complete with the revelation of the brands whose digital achievements Gers and Gilchrist are most inspired by (hint: Dove, Net-A-Porter) and Galloway’s more personal closing questions, where he asks both women to discuss their biggest professional setbacks.

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