L2 released today the third of a series of European Personal Care studies, the Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | Germany. Overall, the study finds the Personal Care category in Germany is behind its U.K. and France counterparts in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. The prevalence of grocery discounters has hindered the development of a robust online supermarket in Germany, and in turn services such as click-and-collect. A few examples of how Gemany Personal Care lags:

– Of all the major supermarkets, only Rewe  offers click-and-collect.

– Just 24% of Index brands feature reviews on product pages, even though 48% of Germans say reviews are an important factor in online purchases.

– 37% of brands in L2’s Personal Care Index link to Amazon.de for lack of DTC or other e-commerce options.

– Germany lags behind the U.K. and France in Personal Care brands’ adoption of social media platforms.


– The average number of channel views in Germany (3 million) is 60% of the level of the U.K.


– In most subcategories of German personal care search, Amazon appears in significantly less first page results than it does in the U.K.



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