fave_mobileappsL2 is full of both culturally discerning and technologically savvy people. How do L2 researchers stay attuned to the world outside digital and marketing? How do we stay on task but up to date? Mobile Apps.


We’d like to bring back L2 Staff Picks. Today we asked about L2’s favorite information and content based apps. We hope to continue asking L2 Staff about their favorite apps, consumer technology they’re most excited to use and where they find the most value as researchers and as customers. Look out for later posts about our favorite utility apps, geolocal apps, music, messaging, and more.


We’ll also be including favorites from Marketing, Events and Design teams in future posts. Until then, tweet us your favorite apps or any comments you have to @L2_thinktank.


Katie Brehm: Research Associate; Champagne Friday Co-Caption

I LOVE Flipboard, which I have aggregated all of my favorite publications into. You can create your own “magazine” where you save articles that you want to read or save for future use.


Akpanoluo Etteh: Research Associate

Google Currents: A holdover from when I had an Android phone, Currents aggregates content from various news sources, which can be organized by category… I enjoy its simplicity, and that it’s very easy to hone in on a specific publication.


Mabel Mclean: Research Associate

Seeking Alpha: I get a notifications when they publish anything about companies that I follow in my “portfolio.”

NPR: I usually like to listen to the morning edition and all things considered on the way to work.


Stasha Rosen: Research Associate, Champagne Friday Co-Caption

New York Times Now (NYT NOW): Provides morning and evening news briefings. When the New York Times tells you that here’s “what you need to know to start your day,” you read on.

Currents: Google’s Currents app aggregates content from leading publications and your favorite blogs. Perfect for a subway ride.


Ariel Seltzer: Research Associate

The ‘Podcasts’ app is essential.  I can subscribe and listen to exactly what I want and there’s a wide array of topics to choose from.  I’m still fairly new to podcasts so I’m still in awe.

As far as news apps, I’m all about Circa!  It aggregates phrases and quotes from various sources around a specific story.  There are never more than two sentences from one source.  So essentially it’s news for busy people or those who just don’t like to read much. Also makes me feel like I’m getting a more objective look at the situations as they unfold.  And you can also subscribe to particular stories to be notified of updates.

Also a big fan of the Pages Facebook app.  I can pick around 10 categories of content for the app to aggregate for me. Because it’s through Facebook, it’s easy to share those things I’m passionate about or find entertaining with my friends.


Reid Sherard: Research Associate, Champagne Friday Committee Member

Audible: I listen to audible (and to a lesser degree, podcasts) on the way to work in the morning.

BBC News: for reading while waiting in lines because it loads quickly and the updates are a good length for on-the-go browsing, NPR’s iPad app for listening at home (because you can add full programs to a playlist, better interface than the native Podcast app)

I downloaded Zite and I haven’t gotten into it yet, but it came highly recommended.


Tyler Zang: Research Associate

The New York Public Library App: This app is the best addition to my digital life. I can search and request books/movies/etc., monitor my list position, start shelves, keep track of when my books are due and more. The NYPL is already one of the best things about the city, and this app makes it that much easier to use.


Pocket: I can save any article, link, etc to Pocket, organize with tags, archive and so on. So instead of being cluttered with individual news apps I can create my own library of whatever mix I want.

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