Late last month in Paris, we hosted our first European clinic of the year: “Brands as Media Companies.” There, L2 members received a half-day tutorial on new retail, new branding, and the new(ish) reality that part of being a successful brand in the digital age means creating and managing your own content. In her presentation “Who’s Doing This Well?” L2’s Head of Research & Advisory, Maureen Mullen, discusses efforts by brands like Nars, Chanel, Lululemon and others, that have risen to the challenge of becoming a full-on Media Company. She discusses the power of user generated content, and equipping users with the tools to create both fun, time-wasting content  and, for prestige brands, “aspirational” content. She mentions Instagram as an ideal platform for this latter category, citing Lululemon’s 30-day ‘What’s the Focus?’ campaign as a successful example of this. Below is an excerpt of Mullen’s talk, the entirety of which is only available to L2 members.



If you are an L2 member, log into your account and you will be able to view all six presentations from the Brands as Media Companies clinic here.


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