Yesterday, Apple’s Tim Cook revealed that in Q2 2013 the company sold 19.5 million iPads, a 65 percent increase over Q2 2012. In the three short years since the first generation iPad was released (the event that essentially marked the beginning of the tablet era), consumers have adopted the tablet device at record speed. Today, one in four Americans owns at least one tablet, and among affluents the figure is even more impressive at one in two. The story is a global one as well, as Cook also revealed yesterday that iPad sales in China had experienced a healthy 138 percent YOY increase.

In our recently-released Intelligence Report on tablets, “The New Purchase Path: Swipe, Tap, Own,” one of the most significant areas of research involved how retail brands–our study analyzed 60 of them–have begun to adapt their digital strategies to accommodate and take advantage of tablets’ increasing influence. The answer to this, as you’ll hear Research Lead Colin Gilbert explain in the video above, is that the vast majority of them haven’t done much and certainly not enough. As tablets begin to surpass all other devices in terms of shopper influence, Gilbert believes retailers must reconfigure traditional digital priorities and invest in a richer, more user-friendly tablet experience.

To download an excerpt of our 2013 Intelligence Report: Tablets, click here.

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