Earlier today, we successfully concluded our fifth-annual Forum. For those who could not attend, we wanted to post highlights from the two-day event as soon as possible. Enjoy.

One of the most beautiful event spaces in Manhattan, the New York Times’ TimesCenter played host to this year’s L2 Forum. This photo was taken last night, just before our audience arrived.

World-renowned portrait photographer Platon has taken thousands of photos of dozens of the world’s most powerful leaders. Of all his iconic images, he said his session with Burmese Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was his favorite. (photo: @Ashton_AA)

In his interview with Nordstrom Direct President Jamie Nordstrom, L2 Founder Scott Galloway asked which social platform he believed was most valuable to retailers. Reluctant to answer at first, Nordstrom finally relented and chose Twitter.

To end our evening last night, modern violinist Amadéus Leopold performed a dramatic set to our rapt audience.

Galloway and a special guest sit for a reading of Ben Light’s interactive children’s tale, “The Bellybutton Book.”

Acknowledging the public’s dislike of Millennials, generational expert Sharalyn Hartwell promised in her talk that their successors, The Plurals, would be raised differently and, in general, would act more selflessly. For more on Sharalyn’s insights and work, click here.

In one of the most valuable talks of the day, Galloway talked one-on-one with Sephora CMO and Chief Digital Officer Julie Bornstein. Counter to Nordstrom’s choice of Twitter, Bornstein says she favors Pinterest, because it’s “extremely shopping-oriented.” For more on Bornstein, click here.


One of the most unconventional sessions of the day belonged to stream-of-consciousness artist Shantell Martin, whose drawing below included birds and boats, as well as names from audience members.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 3.29.02 PM

As always, Galloway brings to the table his astute take on the trends he believes will dominate luxury in the near future. His list of seven are outlined in the photo below.

And to close out our fifth-annual Forum, beatbox cellist Kevin Olusola, who you can learn more about here. (photo: @duygugee)

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