Beauty-UK-2014-Blog-and-TwitterOur Digital IQ Index: Beauty | Germany report, released today, finds beauty e-commerce investments in the country to be anemic, despite the country’s widespread adoption of the online purchases. 61% of Germans have purchased an item online, the highest of any other country. Yet, only 44% of prestige Beauty brands engage in direct-to-consumer e-commerce in Germany, versus 80% of brands in the U.S.


German beauty sites are also less developed than their U.S. counterparts. For example, only 26% feature product reviews, trailing behind other European countries such as U.K. and France. (40% of beauty brand sites in those markets have users reviews.)


Digital opportunity for Beauty brands in Germany does not end in e-commerce. A July survey revealed 48% of females in the country researched Personal Care and Beauty items online. For more on the digital strategies of 63 Beauty brands in the German market, download an excerpt of our new study.

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