China-Hotels-Supplement-2013 2Today, we released our first  China Hotels Supplement, the fourth in a series of China-focused reports* that serve as addenda to our most recent Digital IQ Index: China report. This installment benchmarks 17 global Hotel brands’ digital performance over the past year in China, by far the industry’s fastest-growing geographic region. In addition to rankings, this supplement also includes trend analysis, both of brands’ digital strategies and of consumer behavior, as well as best practices in the Chinese marketplace. Top-ranked Shangri-La earned its second “Gifted” title this year (and the only one in this study), after received the first less than two months ago in our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Hotels. The other top-ranked brands in this supplement, include:



Though the Hong Kong-based hotel group only has 33 properties in China compared to InterContinental’s 170 and Starwood’s 103, Shangri-La bested the pack with a solid mobile showing, including its highly-rated iPhone app and mobile-optimized Golden Shangri-la_LogoCircle loyalty program site. In the social media space, Shangri-La further excelled with the largest Sina Weibo community and the most-viewed Youku channel. Similar to our Fashion supplement released on Tuesday, the vast majority of brands in this study (76 percent) performed poorly, earning “Challenged” or “Feeble” titles. These results  indicate that the Hotel industry, as a whole, is digitally still findings its way in China. Our research methodology is based on more than 800 data points gathered from four primary dimensions: Site (weighted 30 percent), Social Media (weighted 30 percent), Digital Marketing (weighted 20 percent) and Mobile (weighted 20 percent).


For more insights, and to view the full rankings from the Hotels supplement, download an excerpt here. Also, be sure to  check the blog throughout the coming weeks for additional data and case studies. *For a deeper cut of other verticals in the Chinese luxury market, excerpts of our 2013 China supplements on Beauty, Watches & Jewelry and Fashion are also available.


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