Today, we introduce our first-ever Digital IQ Index: Beer, a comprehensive study that benchmarks the digital competence of 50 Beer brands. In addition to ranking these brands and assigning them Digital IQs of Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble, this new report also provides analysis of industry trends, discusses enterprise best practices, and highlights “Flash of Genius” case studies. Our research methodology, which assessed more than 800 data points collected over the course of the past three months, weighed the information across four primary dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile. Unlike with our last rankings from the Hair Care & Color vertical, where 36 percent of brands earned titles of Genius or Gifted, the Beer industry’s overall performance fared significantly poorer, with less than 10 percent ranked in these top two categories–and more than 60 percent in the bottom two.


Despite a fallow field, two brands, Heineken and Budweiser, the study’s only digital Geniuses, more than earned their stripes. Heineken, ranked first, excelled with strong social media, big investments in mobile, and innovative Skyfall campaign featuring Daniel Craig. Budweiser, ranked second, stood out by successfully amplifying its advertising efforts across digital properties during this year’s Super Bowl. See the chart below for the full Top 10 rankings.



For more insights and to view the full rankings, download a study excerpt here. Also, be sure to watch our original animated video below and to check the blog throughout the coming weeks for additional report-related posts.


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