For the second time in as many weeks, L2 is excited to unveil a new report benchmarking a luxury vertical that neither we nor any other research firm has, to-date: fragrance. Released today, our Digital IQ Index: Fragrance study attempts to quantify the digital competence of 63 fragrance brands, and, as always, provides insights and analysis of the extensive data covering 350+ data points across the dimensions of Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile. Though fragrance brands, on the whole, registered the lowest Digital IQ of any vertical L2 has measured, there were some strong performers and innovators.


Of the 63 brands analyzed in this study, only three — Victoria’s Secret, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren — were crowned digital “Geniuses.” And of the 10 celebrity fragrances, just one, Justin Bieber’s, cracked the top 10. For the rest of the best, see the chart below:


One of the most interesting findings from the report involves the performance of in-house or “owned” fragrance brands and licensed brands. Owned brands (e.g., Chanel, Unilever), on average, earned 20 percent higher Digital IQs than their licensed counterparts, including those lucrative celebrity-affiliated fragrances. This can be explained, in part, because the vast majority of owned brands (83 percent) facilitate an easy one-stop shopping destination for would-be buyers, whereas only 36 percent of licensed brands do so. And while the celebrity of Justin Bieber, J. Lo, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton might help their pages garner 9.1 times more Facebook fans than the average brand page, their fan engagement is comparatively much lower. In fact, almost two-thirds of celebrity fragrance pages haven’t posted new Facebook content in 30 days (versus 36 percent of non-celebrity brands).


For more on the Digital IQ Index: Fragrance, download an excerpt of the report here and watch this original video below:






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