Today marks the release of our first Intelligence Report: Mobile. The first installment in our brand-new Intelligence Report series, this Mobile study examines key data, trends, and insights across the Fashion, Watches & Jewelry, Beauty, Retail, and Hospitality verticals. Though there is no brand ranking in this study, the research does identify best practices and analyze successful case studies. Additionally, we evaluate strategies that have the greatest potential for maximizing smartphone and tablet success. Building upon the baseline set by last year’s Prestige 100®: Mobile IQ study, this Intelligence Report assesses both longitudinal trends and the current snapshot of the mobile platform.


Today, 23 percent of all Google Searches for prestige brands originate from a mobile device, up from 14 percent a year ago. The global shift toward mobile is even more pronounced among the affluent, yet only around half of the 100 prestige brands included in this report have invested in m-commerce optimized sites. Even worse, almost one-third of brands rely exclusively on the desktop version of their site for online sales. Search is a critical component of any brand’s digital strategy, but our research shows prestige brands are not taking advantage of it on the mobile platform. Only 25 percent are currently pursuing mobile-specific paid search — actively optimizing ad copy and links to make the most of small screen real estate. With apps, the data isn’t much sunnier. Of the  238 apps produced by prestige brands for the iOS platform, more than one-quarter have never been updated. Ever. Are these signs of incompetence or a deficit of resources? To find out how we answered these questions and many others, download an excerpt here.


Please also watch our original animated Intelligence Report: Mobile video below. And be sure to check the blog often over the next couple of weeks for additional report-related posts.

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