Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.01.35 PMIn a previous post, we talked about why brands are not gravitating towards Snapchat despite the platform’s attractive demographic of 100 million monthly active users who share 700 snaps daily. (That number is 12x and twice the number of photos daily photos uploaded on Instagram and Facebook respectively.) But brands are warming up to Snapchat. ASOS, Audi, Heineken, and Nars are among the platform’s top ten users according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Social Platforms. Nars used Snapchat to debut the Guy Bourdain collection in September. Audi used the platform for a Super Bowl campaign that received 100,000 Snapchat views during the game.


Other brands are getting innovative as well. Lacoste is launching today in partnership with BETC Digital the #SpotTheCroc campaign, which sends a series of five short videos to its Snapchat contacts over a two-month period. Users are invited to find the crocodile in the videos, and send a snapback with the exact location for a 20% discount code for

Snapchat’s ephemerality is a drawback to brands looking to build a presence on a new social platform, but Lacoste has managed to turn it in its favor with a contest. (Nars did the same with a preview.) Brands have no “”profile” as they do on Instagram or Facebook for users who want to look them up. Perhaps Snapchat requires brands to re-think their approach to social media to be less about brand image and more about the message.

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