Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.43.41 PML2 released today its Digital IQ Index: Beauty | China, which assesses the performance of 84 global and local brands across the Fragrance, Color Cosmetics and Skin Care categories. Genius brand Lancôme topped the Index with best-in-class WeChat and BBS efforts, and a localized e-commerce site.


BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) forums are an integral part of daily internet use in China, and participation is a must for brand visibility. They control a quarter of first page organic results for brand terms on Chinese search engines, and many brands have a presence on third-party sites such as Yoka. A few such as Lancôme create a brand BBS that hosts discussions on topics related to their products. Lancôme’s Rose Beauty BBS, with more than 900,000 members, features mini-movie campaigns, a gamification-driven loyalty program, user-generated content, and sampling. Lancôme links Rose Beauty to its WeChat accounts, which offer a geolocation-enabled store locator and exclusive discount code, to increase participation. WeChat and BBS users can integrate their sampling and loyalty program activity across platforms.


Lancôme is also active on third-party sites. Its Yoka account is among the top in followers, with close to 100,000. Lancôme uses Wikipedia equivalent Baike to educate consumers about the brand. For more on how Lancôme and other Beauty brands are expanding their digital footprint in China, download an excerpt of the L2 report.

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