Once a wardrobe staple, Levi’s faced possible death when consumers switched from jeans to joggers.  But while denim sales initially dipped, the company found a way to bounce back.

Instead of folding under pressure and giving in to trends, Levi’s retained and expanded on its own authenticity. In Q4 2017, the brand introduced 19 new and affordable jeans products on Amazon, where basic, inexpensive wardrobe staples tend to thrive. This month, the brand reported its strongest sales since 2011, thanks in part to the expansion of its low-price offering, Levi’s Signature Gold Co.

In addition to rolling out new products, Levi’s also focused on unbranded search. Both the Men’s and Women’s Jeans categories have become highly consolidated among a few top players, making it a competitive environment for Amazon ad space, specifically Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products. Unbranded denim keywords (e.g. “women’s skinny jeans”) surfaced more ads than other major apparel product categories, including pants and polos.

Amid the rise of activewear and fast fashion, Levi’s and other large denim players appear to have found a safe haven for their business on Amazon, where men’s jeans are an increasingly high-performing category. Like Levi’s, Wrangler, Carhartt, and LEE all saw their Performance Ranks rise in Q4, according to L2’s latest Amazon report. The success of these denim brands suggests that brands whose products don’t fit the current fashion cycle can still flourish on Amazon.

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