jfallonIt’s no secret that user-generated campaigns boost fan participation on social media, and even sales. Olapic, who partnered with L2 for the Intelligence Report: Instagram, found placing user-snapped photos on e-commerce pages boosted conversion by 7x. Lululemon and West Elm have integrated photos of users trying out merchandise on their e-commerce pages, and Free People created a one-time catalogue of user submitted photos. Lexus, Gifted brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto took it a step further and created live improv commercials based on fan ideas.


At the beginning of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” Lexus ran an ad asking users to submit ideas for a Lexus commercial on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr with the hashtag #LexusIs. Then, it chose a topic to be performed live by improve actors at the Brooklyn Bridge for the brand’s second commercial during the segment. The ad ensured users would pay attention to the second ad as they waited to see which entry was selected and performed.


In 2013, 36 million people sent 990 million Tweets about TV. And 5.5 million people tweeted about television and brands between August and October of 2013. Perhaps, more efforts like Lexus’ will increase that cross-segment. At the very least they are creative ways to make fans invested in brand efforts, and more original than hosting giveaways.

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