Japanese messaging firm Line filed a $10 billion IPO this week, sources told Reuters. L2’s 2013 Intelligence Report: Social Platforms analyzed Line among 15 global social media platform. Here are a few key findings.


– One of the biggest misconceptions about Line is that it is predominantly used in Japan. In fact, 75% of Line’s $200 million users live outside of Japan. Spain, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand each have a user base larger than 10 million.


– It is one of the world’s fastest growing platforms, on par with Instagram. Vine and Instagram both grew 900% between January 2012 and 2013. Line reached 150 million mobile native users from 15 million, and Instagram reached 100 million from 10 million.

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– Just 2% of brands were present on Line at the time of the study. Clinique, Uniqlo, Estée Lauder, Ralph Lauren, and Shiseido are experimenting with the platform, but brands are underutilizing Line. Estée Lauder and Uniqlo had posted only once at the time of the study, and Clinique had made only nine posts. Uniqlo’s post had a 0.76% engagement rate while other brands had an engagement rate of approximately 0.3%.


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