Linkedin announced last week the rollout of “Smarter Messaging”, a Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger lookalike that lets users communicate in real-time. As messaging becomes the next hot area for brand investment, social messaging platforms are partially replacing traditional call centers and companies are focusing on providing well-rounded omnichannel customer experiences.

As Twitter’s value as a customer acquisition tool declines, brands are using the platform as a tool for responding to customer complaints and requests. More companies are also turning to increasingly popular platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat to provide seamless, interactive customer experiences.

However, these services can offer more than just customer service possibilities. For example, when Facebook recently invested in chatbots to drive personalized branded communications at scale, Absolut used it to deliver custom drink recommendations and lists of locations serving the users’ favorite drinks.


While opportunities on Linkedin’s new messaging service will look different than experiments with Facebook’s chatbots, brands can use Linkedin to offer contextual suggestions and insights that drive conversation. Potentially, this may create opportunities for sectors like Finance and Luxury to better target potential consumers.

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