LinkedIn is not only a revered business-centric social network but also a key conversion channel for B2B businesses. Since its acquisition by Microsoft last year, the company has ramped up its product roadmap with a new UI and chat functionality. Its recent entry into video represents the latest such move, and given both user demographics and broader social trends, could be a savvy way to boost revenue.

In the past year, all the key players in social have focused on expanding their video capabilities, according to L2’s Video report. That makes LinkedIn the last major social network to add native video recording and sharing capabilities. The feature will let users create and upload up to 10 minutes of video content using the LinkedIn camera icon. Over half of LinkedIn users earn $50,000 or more, making it an ideal platform for targeting an audience with disposable income. Video posters (or publishers) will also receive additional insights beyond standard analytics, finding out where viewers work and their corporate titles.

Video timeline

For its video launch, LinkedIn partnered with over 500 influencers including Guy Kawasaki, Anant Agarwal, and Leila Janah. They published 30-second videos sharing both best practices and their thoughts on trending professional topics, suggesting one direction where LinkedIn video could be headed. While Linkedin Solutions for Recruiting, Marketing and Sales have been the platform’s primary revenue drivers, the company’s foray into video could also drive revenue, engaging users with video content and integrating video capabilities into advertisers’ strategies.

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