Just as fast fashion brands have cropped up to take advantage of trendsetting brands’ slow turnaround and high prices, a cast of low-priced brands are quickly developing products to mirror the trends set by prestige beauty players. For example, when Kylie Jenner’s $29 lip kit  – comprised of a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner – sold out in a matter of seconds, several players stepped up to the plate and created similar matte liquid lipsticks.

And the effect was not short term. L2 finds that four of the top five most visible brands for lip-related keywords were fast beauty brands that had created items similar to the Kylie Lip Kit. NYX was especially adept at capitalizing on this beauty trend; 28% of the search results NYX appears in are related to the lip kit trend.


The trend extends to other areas of Beauty as well, even though it is most pronounced in the Lip category. Two of the top five most visible brands in Brows and three of the top five in Contouring searches are fast fashion brands.

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