Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 5.02.13 PML’Oréal, ranked third and named ‘Genius’ in our fifth annual 2013 Digital IQ Index: Beauty, introduced “Intelligent Color Experience” last month to expand its on-the-ground presence using a tech-savvy method. The brand has made digital kiosks in New York’s 42nd Street-Bryant Park subway stop available from November 4th until the end of December. Model Coco Rocha cut the ribbon at the launch.

In addition to being vending machines for lipstick, mascara, eye-shadow and nail polish, the kiosks give recommendations based on appearance. Those interested can stand in front of its mirror for a scan of their outfit and makeup. The machine will read it and point out products that will match or clash.

In our report, we found that L’Oréal is ahead of other Beauty brands in giving personalized recommendations on mobile and desktop devices. It was also a leader among brands in how-to makeup videos. Prior to the existence of the kiosks, L’Oréal lacked a strong brick-and-mortar brand presence. Drugstores are the main retailers of its products. L’Oréal has been successful in leveraging digital investments to connect with consumers directly, and with  kiosks, it can establish a tactile connection in addition.

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