Advertising experts questioned Budweiser’s decision to run a sequel to last year’s wildly successful Puppy Love for the 2015 Super Bowl . Turns out, they were wrong. The digital SOV (Share Of Voice) of Puppy Gets Lost pre-game is higher than any other commercial in the Super Bowl based on data from . With just an estimated $13,075 of TV spend, the commercial has earned 321,773 social actions and 7,907, 233 views according to data from

Last year’s Budweiser was viewed 58.4 million times online, which boosted its YouTube channel views 451% during the week before the game, and 106% in the week after. (Graph from L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer.)


Budweiser’s Twitter following got a 17% lift on Twitter.


Views dwarfed Bud Light’s on Game Day.

beer-01 (1)

To see how Budweiser’s Puppy Gets Lost is benefiting the brands’ social channels, stay tuned for our upcoming study on Super Bowl XLIX.

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