Lululemon is lunging for success with the addition of a new CEO, Calvin McDonald. The former CEO of Sephora, McDonald could offer the athletic apparel brand a much-needed touch-up in various areas of digital.

Despite its status as a favored brand among millennials, Lululemon hasn’t quite mastered digital, falling from Gifted to Average in Gartner L2’s most recent Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail. In contrast, Sephora has held the sole Genius spot in the beauty ranking for six years straight.

Lululemon has some digital bright spots, like a fitness and lifestyle community where members can share stories, read blog posts, and attend events and retreats. However, Sephora takes that move one step further. Its Beauty Insider Community incentivizes member prospects with fifty reward points, in addition to personalizing the community hub’s homepage based on individual browsing and purchase history and letting members chat one-on-one with each other and brand ambassadors.

Similarly, Lululemon already exercises a platform-specific social strategy that prioritizes workout videos on YouTube and shorter GIF-based content on Instagram Stories. However, Sephora not only does both those things, but also extends video shelf life via Instagram Highlights. If the brand wants to match its success to its momentum, borrowing a few plays from Sephora’s book could be the answer.

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