According to a recent study, Instagram isn’t just for rich kids. Not anymore, anyway. Social analytics firm Simply Measured revealed this week that the social platform has also become home to the brands that hope to sell to the wealthy set. In fact, 40 percent of the world’s most popular 100 brands are now active on the photo-sharing network. Among them, a plethora of the highest-end luxury labels like Burberry, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Armani, Audi, and Hermès. How luxury brands engage with their audiences on Instagram varies from sharing new products to releasing campaign photos to introducing interactive promotions.


Fashion brand Giorgio Armani recently extended its digital campaign “Frames of Life” to Instagram.  Though the campaign is not new (it originally launched in 2010), its Instagram arm, “Frames of Your Holiday,” is just a few weeks old.  When consumers now go to the Frames of Life site, they are directed the social campaign and encouraged to tag vacation photos with the hashtag #framesoflife and to use Instagram’s filters to capture the mood of the moment. The reward for these submissions? A chance to be featured on the site–to be associated with the Armani brand.


Despite not having nearly the user base as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is fast establishing itself as the social network of choice for luxury lifestyle brands–all of which have a visual story to tell. Hermès, for example, doesn’t have an official Twitter page but uploads multiple photos every hour to its 62,000 fans on Instagram.


(Image via Rich Kids of Instagram tumblr)

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