Luxury Hotels are launching curated neighborhood guides that help guests navigate their surroundings, building on their move into low-touch luxury with new apps. But while 68% of Index brands offer such content on the brand or parent app, most of these guides have minimal functionality.

L2’s Insight Report found that most Luxury Hotel apps provide a basic list of local attractions with scant descriptions. Even guides that do offer comprehensive content often make it hard to find. For example, the AccorHotels app features city guides to 70 destinations complete with videos, upcoming events, and interactive city maps. However, these guides are located in a hidden menu. If users select a destination first, they are no longer accessible. In contrast, the Four Seasons app provides its curated content on the selected hotel page, making it easy to discover.

Accor Hotels guide

Some of the most colorful Luxury Hotel guides can be found on sites rather than apps, like the Rosewood Curators initiative, available on the hotel’s desktop and mobile site. The guide features local tastemakers describing their favorite things to do in the city, offering guests a unique means of enhancing their stay.

Rosewood guide

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