Over half of apparel shoppers research online before a purchase, making product discovery features even more essential to sales. Surprisingly, resale sites surpass all luxury retailers and fashion brands in providing robust discovery tools throughout the discovery process. For example, on all resale sites in the L2 study, users can filter searches by size availability, category, style collection, and price whereas retailers do not offer the ability to filter by price and luxury brands lag in almost every category.

Several resellers have gone even further than standard expectations. Snobswap shoppers, for example, can filter by detailed specifications like dress neckline and sleeve type. Several others allow customers to save their curated filters and be notified when new items that fit those curated filters arrive. Also, five of the seven retail sites studied feature editor’s picks, curated collections, and flash sales to provide an easy way to browse trending brands and products.

These tools have made resale sites a desirable place to shop, or at browse. As a result, resale sites are outperforming department stores in on-site retention with visitors returning 30% more often and spending over a minute longer per visit.

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