Luxury vehicle sites in every country cater to habits of regional shoppers, but how much customization is too much? L2’s report on localization of luxury auto sites finds that most digital features are underutilized, as they could be leveraged across countries. For example, only Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover implement 360-degree view on product pages across all four markets of US, Canada, UK and Germany while five brands implement the tool across certain markets and not others. Given that Auto brands often sell similar, if not identical, lineups across markets, brands should share resources and technology from one country’s site to the next.

Luxury auto brands should still prioritize information based on user preferences in each geography. For example, American car buyers rarely purchase custom vehicles, which has lead US Auto sites to emphasize local deals and information about dealer inventory. (91% of US sites link to local inventory from vehicle information pages compared to less than half of international sites.) British, German, and Canadian brand sites are also significantly more likely to urge users to test drive, with more than 80% of sites pushing the practice.

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